Elvira Timir is a key figure in today’s new fashion designers wave.
Since the very beginning, a sort of conceptual destiny seems to have shaped her career, just as the intensity and complexity of her attitude are the outcome of exposure to an exceptionally wide spectrum of cultural influences.
The Russian born Elvira Timir got a thorough design education in Moscow Institute of Technology and Design. She improved her skills during studying from legendary Russian designer SLava Zaitcev in his Couture Fashion House. In 2003 Elvira Timir moved in London to study in famous University of Arts. She graduated in 2006 with a final collection so interesting it attracted immediate attention and was chosen to present London College of Fashion in British Fashion Days.
Elvira Timir works under design brand TIMIR EL since 2005. Inspired by the workshop, using cultural symbolism, Elvira Timir invents her own contemporary language, creates stunning clothes, each with they own story, imbuing women with freedom, authenticity and originality.